Optional Online Pre-Course Workshop



Group Medical Visits to Guide Patients to Healthier Lifestyle Behaviors
Under the direction of Jacob Mirsky, MD, MA, DipABLM
Wednesday, October 26, 1:00 – 4:00 pm


Group medical visits—both in-office and online—are becoming increasingly popular tools in primary care and specialty practices to help patients make healthy lifestyle changes for:

  • Symptom and chronic disease management
  • Disease prevention

This special online pre-course workshop provides a practical, evidence-based introduction to group medical visits. Unique to this program is its immersive, fast-paced, 360-degree educational experience. You will learn about how group medical visits can promote health from four critical perspectives:

  • Clinical
  • Patient
  • Provider
  • Practice


Clinical Perspectives

  • Types of conditions that are appropriate for group medical visits
  • Considerations of population and cultural factors in running group medical visits
  • Impact of group medical visits on patient outcomes
  • Connection between stress and chronic conditions and its role of group medical visit

Patient Perspectives

  • What a group visit looks like for a patient
  • Patient perspectives on group medical visits
  • Strategies for encouraging patients to join group medical visits

Provider Perspectives

  • How a provider can run group medical visits in practice
  • Impact of group medical visits on provider satisfaction and burnout

Practice Perspectives

  • Length and structure of a group visit
  • Strategies for training providers to run group medical visits
  • Nuts and bolts of billing and documentation
  • Staffing needed to support group medical visits
  • Resources and references

Schedule: Group Medical Visits to Guide Patients to Healthier Lifestyle Behaviors

Live Streaming in US Eastern Daylight Time

1:00 pm

Welcome and History of Group Medical Visits
Jacob Mirsky, MD, MA, DipABLM

1:25 pm Clinical Considerations and Benefits 
Jacob Mirsky, MD, MA, DipABLM and Amy Comander, MD
2:00 pm Administration and Billing of Group Medical Visits
Barbara Canada, MBA
2:15 pm Break
2:30 pm Virtual Group Medical Visits in the Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) Healthy Lifestyle Program: Patient and Provider Perspectives
Jacob Mirsky, MD, MA, DipABLM and Chin-Ho Fung, MD
2:55 pm Logistics and Tips for Running a Group Medical Visit
Katherine Rosa, PhD, FNP-BC
3:10 pm Q&A and Panel Discussion: Invaluable Lessons Learned through Our Experience of Group Medical Visits across MGH
Elizabeth Lincoln, MD; Katherine Rosa, PhD, FNP-BC; Amy Comander, MD; Chin-Ho Fung, MD; Barbara Canada, MBA; and Jacob Mirsky, MD, MA, DipABLM 
4:00 pm Online Pre-Course Workshop concludes



  • This program will be recorded and made available online for registrants of this pre-course workshop to view at their convenience for 60 days
  • This online pre-course workshop is only available to participants of the THE HERBERT BENSON, MD COURSE in MIND BODY MEDICINE (October 27 – 29, 2022)
  • To optimize the value of this workshop for each participant, registrations will be limited and accepted on a first-come, first-served basis
  • To be assured a place in this program, early registration is advised